The artist

Robert has a passion for food and pottery

He started practicing pottery at Greenwich House Pottery in New York City. As a form of mindfulness, pottery has become an expression of artistic and intrinsic thought. Each piece is made by hand in New York to delight in the simple form.

Food brings us together with the people we love, our families and friends. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to affordable food. Nearly 800 million people suffer from chronic undernourishment and 160 million are children. That’s why I created Clay Entrée to sell functional artwork to feed starving children.

Proceeds from his artwork sales go to Mary's Meals, where schoolchildren in developing countries are fed one meal at school each day for an entire year for $20 dollars.

This year alone, we have been able to feed over 250 children, but that’s not enough.  No child should go without food. So please, help me feed more children!